Friday, August 27, 2010

ETTR for the third time

Two new articles on ETTR have recently been pointed out to me:
  • There's a long discussion on ETTR on, here.
  • And also, probably in response to the discussion, an article by Jeff Schewe.
In both discussions Jeff puts up a spirited defense of ETTR. For those interested in the pro and cons, both are well worth the read. Jeff's position and my position aren't actually as far part as some of the posters in the article seem to believe - as mentioned in my original blog post, there is a place for ETTR - it's just that the circumstances in which ETTR is useful are a lot narrower than most ETTR proponents believe. The root cause of that is that a lot of ETTR proponents don't actually understand ETTR. To quote from Jeff: "ETTR can aid you along those lines...if you understand how to use it (some apparently don't)".

I do have a bit of a problem with Jeff's article however, where he provides examples of ETTR apparently providing significant noise benefits. The problem is that he doesn't compare against is the simple option - just changing the camera's ISO setting. Pretty good bet all the improvement in noise performance he shows can be duplicated, a lot more simply, just by decreasing ISO.

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